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Design of control boards for a large-capacity sweep energy storage systems that use reclaimed batteries

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Storage batteries are required to ensure a stable supply of electricity when expanding renewable energies as a means of reducing CO₂ emissions, which is critical to achieving carbon neutrality. Because of this, we can expect demand to continue growing in the years to come. Due to limited reserves of resources such as cobalt and lithium, the materials used in battery production, there is a need to implement environmentally-conscious measures, such as collecting used electric vehicle batteries and using storage batteries more efficiently.

Our Solution

To address this situation, our customer, Toyota Motor Corporation, has been investigating the establishment of battery reuse technology since 2018 and conducting demonstration experiments with joint partners. Additionally, we have been assisting in the development of boards with a sweep function for the Toyota Motor Corporation’s large-capacity sweep power storage system. This system includes a sweep function that allows it to handle used automotive batteries with large disparities in performance and capacity, thereby enabling it to use the remaining capacity regardless of the battery’s degree of deterioration and even in situations where different types of batteries are mixed.


Sweep function

The sweep function allows unrestricted control over energy discharge by turning on and off (bypassing) electricity flow at microsecond intervals through batteries connected in series. This device was developed by TOYOTA CENTRAL R&D LABS., INC. The power conditioner system (PCS) can be bypassed by using the sweep function to output AC directly from the battery, or by reusing an in-vehicle inverter. This not only helps to keep costs down but also aims to improve power utilization by reducing power loss when converting from AC to DC via the PCS.

Our Strengths

  • Ability to procure devices that can overcome supply problems
  • Based on our extensive knowledge gained through decades of FAE experience, we can quickly prepare designs with few flaws
  • Reduced cost and production time are made possible by the savvy judgment of our business partners
  • By leveraging our advantages as a distributor, we provide a wide variety of product transport and storage solutions that cover the full range of SCM (supply chain management)

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