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VTOL Aircraft Equipped With Hydrogen Fuel Cell Featured at the Institute of Cetacean Research's Booth at Japan Drone 2023

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With the objective to conduct visual inspections through aerial methods, The Institute of Cetacean Research began development of Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle (UAV) in 2019 as a new method of whale research. In 2021, it began development of ASUKA, the fully domestic-based VTOL-UAV (Vertical Take-Off and Landing/Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle).

In order to further extend flight distance and improve payload abilities as well as contribute to achieving zero emissions, The Institute of Cetacean Research began development of next-generation vehicles equipped with hydrogen fuel cell systems, and thus, our hydrogen fuel cell was equipped to the organization’s prototype aircraft, the F.T.B. ASUKA Mark V H2. The organization is continuing research with the aim to achieve practical implementation by Spring 2025.


The Institute of Cetacean Research Returns to Japan Drone 2023 With Another Exhibit–Provides First Look of F.T.B. ASUKA Mark V H2, the Prototype Aircraft with hydrogen Fuel-cell Generated Power  *Japanese only

<Whale Column> Reveal of F.T.B ASUKA Mark V H2, Drone for Visual Inspection of Cetaceans (THE SUISAN-KEIZAI DAILY NEWS, Published June 23, 2023) *Japanese only

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We provide hydrogen fuel cell products, as well as technical support for hydrogen fuel cell systems by our technical team.

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