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NEXTY Electronics Develops Water Surface Garbage Collection Drone Equipped with a Compact Air-Cooled Hydrogen Fuel Cell

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To achieve sustainable development, hydrogen is increasingly being regarded as an energy source from the perspective of reducing CO₂ emissions and the burden on the global environment.

However, current small mobility vehicles are mainly powered by lithium-ion batteries, and examples of hydrogen use are still limited.

Because compact air-cooled hydrogen fuel cells, which can be used for small mobility, have only recently been introduced to the market, raising awareness and expanding the market scale remain an important challenge.

Our Solution

As part of our objective to promote the utilization of hydrogen, which has a higher energy density by weight than lithium-ion batteries, and to achieve zero CO₂ emissions, we have been investigating the use of compact hydrogen fuel cells for a wide range of applications that we handle. As a result, we have developed a water surface garbage collection drone that is primarily powered by hydrogen.

This drone, developed for collecting garbage on water surfaces such as lakes and harbors, has successfully extended cruising ranges to roughly double of water surface drones that use lithium-ion batteries.*1

In the development process, it was necessary to harmonize the technical operation of compact hydrogen fuel cell with that of other equipment. However, as the ease of semi-customization, we proceeded with the development using the hydrogen fuel cells (Protium series) from Spectronik Pte. Ltd., which NEXTY Electronics is a distributor for. As a result, it is now possible to operate for approximately 4 to 16 hours*2 on a single hydrogen charge.

*1  Based on NEXTY Electronics’ research
*2  Depending on usage conditions and the hydrogen container it is equipped with.

Companies involved in the development (in no particular order):
JFE Container Co., Ltd.
Heisen Yoko Co., Ltd.


Our Strengths

  • Based on our experience in developing electric radio-controlled lawnmowers and aerial drones powered by compact hydrogen fuel cells, we have a deep understanding of the characteristics of hydrogen fuel cells and possess advanced technical expertise.
  • We are able to provide extensive support through connections not only with compact hydrogen fuel cell manufacturers, but also manufacturers of hydrogen containers and hydrogen production.

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Partner company

Spectronik Pte. Ltd.(Singapore)