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Pandaroid, a Japanese Platform for Chinese Electronics Products Launches a New Service
~Alternative suggestions with AI from approximately 8 million items helping to reduce costs~

Pandaroid, a Chinese electronics product information and e-commerce platform jointly operated by our Chinese subsidiary TOYOTA TSUSHO NEXTY ELECTRONICS SHANGHAI CO., LTD. and a Chinese e-commerce firm, has released the Panda Matching Premium service in December 2023, significantly improving the ability to search for replacement products.




(Japanese and Chinese only)


In order to reduce costs and risks by diversifying suppliers, Japanese companies that handle electronics products are increasingly replacing their products with parts produced in China. To meet such demand and keep costs down, Pandaroid uses AI to propose alternative items with the same specifications as the product currently in use from information on approximately 8 million parts made in China.


As well as having a large range of instruction manuals for Chinese-produced parts, making it possible to check detailed information, Pandaroid improves customer convenience by continuously expanding its database of parts and information on Chinese-produced parts using AI.


About Pandaroid

Jointly operated by TOYOTA TSUSHO NEXTY ELECTRONICS SHANGHAI CO., LTD., a local NEXTY Electronics subsidiary in China, and the Chinese e-commerce firm ICEASY TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Pandaroid is Japan’s first* information/e-commerce platform specializing in Chinese electronics products.

Pandaroid is intended for engineers, purchasing, and sales staff of Japanese companies who are looking to use Chinese electronic component manufacturers. As well as its search function for electronic component manufacturers in China, samples, data sheets, and suggesting alternative products, Pandaroid can also be used to gather information on Chinese market trends and Chinese semiconductors.


*Based on NEXTY Electronics research


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