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Vishay Intertechnology has a wide range of products with semiconductors and passive components, and it provides innovative technologies at one-stop. It is used for various applications such as Industrial, communication, transportation such as automobiles and trains, consumer products, medical equipment, defense. There are manufacturing facilities in USA, Asia, Europe and Israel, and sales networks all over the world.

Supplier overview

Low-profile diodes eSMP series

eSMP series is the new small package diode family. There are success in wide variety, like motor drives, power supplies and circuits, industrial equipment to automotives.

Metal composite Inductor IHLP series

IHLP series is a surface mount inductor best for size reducing and large currents. The winding (coil) is sealed with a metallic magnetic material.
It realizes excellent high heat dissipation and high reliability. It meets the needs for DC / DC high current, miniaturization and high efficiency of power supply circuit. There are many options such as 2 pieces, vertical installation, magnetic noise reduction products and so on. Motor drives, and other various applications are suitable.

Surface mount power resistor

Surface mount type resistor for large power to use on a heat sink. It can be used for discharging, snubbers, and balancing mainly in inverter circuits. Available from 300 W up to 1100 W, and it's size are all 6 cm square. Compared to conventional wire wound resistors, it can greatly reduce the size and weight.

Heavy current power film capacitors

Can be used for filtering DC and AC lines, noise reduction. Highly resistable against flame by metal casing, certified for EN45545. There are tubular and rectangular. Voltages are from 900 to 2700V, capacitance is from 40 to 2235uF. Various custom requests are availabe, such as oil and dry types.

Supplier overview

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Vishay Intertechnology, Inc.