Message from Regional Manager

The shortage of semiconductors and materials existed for a long time since the corona crisis, however, it is on the road to normality, and most of the semiconductor products have recovered in their normal supply-demand balance. Also, in China, the rapid development of EVs of vehicles has ushered in a huge market change.

In this case, we promise to respond flexibly to the supply chain according to the situation that supports the customer's production. We also understand the obvious or potential needs of our EA markets and customers in each region, with the aim of assuming the function of providing customer solutions.

Furthermore, to continue cooperation with our customers with strong business ethics, we will prioritize safety and compliance, and contribute to the world and the region through the achievement of the SDGs.

Managing Director
Shinichi Hosoda

Our features

As an innovation designer, East Asia region offers five major functions to our customers.

1.Semiconductors and Electronic Components

  • Suggesting the most suitable products by assessing semiconductors, displays, substrates, and various sensors from all over the world
  • Long time and strong relationship with various major semiconductor manufacturers
  • Procurement Agency Services for electronics products
  • Discovery and provision of Chinese, Korean, and global semiconductor, start-ups, and new technologies
  • Online information and technical support for Chinese electronics products and sample sales through EC site (Pandaroid)
  • Proposal of foundry function (SHANGHAI HUAHONG HONGRI ELECTRONICS CO., LTD.)

2.Supply Chain Management

  • Efficient logistics services through our global network
  • Inventory management support through an exclusive warehouse for electronic component management and product supply in line with customers' production plans
  • Providing crisis management information in the event of a disaster, etc

3.Design and manufacturing

  • EMS, ODM proposals (UMC Electronics,Co.,Ltd., Elematec Corporation, Chinese partner companies)
  • Development and manufacturing of various ECUs for automotive applications
  • Introduction of development partners Independent Design House within the East Asia region


  • In-vehicle ECU software evaluation
  • On-vehicle equipment real-world driving and driving verification services
  • MBD development and evaluation tools. Construction of simulation environment combining models
  • Providing support for in-vehicle software development operations, PoC development, and specification development

5.Quality Support

  • Quality monitoring and sorting services through outbound and inbound inspections
  • Process improvement services through process audits and support for improvement activities
  • Support services for analysis and proposal of countermeasures when defects occur
  • Support services for new business development, such as supplier identification and factory audits

Visit the TAQS (Toyotsu Automotive Quality Support Center) CHINA (Shenzhen) information page.

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