Toyotsu Automotive Quality Support Center-China

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East Asia Region

Based on its corporate philosophy that quality is built on small efforts and mutual trust with manufacturers, TAQS CHINA strives to boost customer confidence by reducing defects and establishing quality control from the customer's point of view.

① Inspection service
 - Prevention for failure escape
 - Quality monitoring

② Quality improvement support
 - Audit support
 - Suggestion for continuous improvement

③ Failure analysis support
 - Making good reports to end customer
 - Management for keeping deadline

④ New business support
 - Finding new excellent suppliers
 - Consultant for process improvement

TAQS CHINA has know-how of QUALITY because…
1. We have contacted to Japanese automotive customers for a long time and understood what they request.
2. We have contacted to many suppliers in China and understood what they think.
3. We always try to find new suppliers and EMS in China.

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