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ams OSRAM is a specialized manufacturer of optical semiconductors with headquarters in Austria and Germany.
ams, with its strength in sensors, and OSRAM, with its strength in light sources, are working together to develop cutting-edge optical solutions.
The LED light sources are used in various applications such as automotive, general lighting, UVC sterilization, plant growth, and 3D sensing.
We have the largest color and package lineup in the industry.
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Supplier overview


ams OSRAM offers the most advanced sensor solutions and has a wide range of products, which can be adopted for various applications such as automotive, industrial and consumer electronics.

-Position sensors, -Capacitance sensors, -VCSELs,
-CMOS image sensors, -Optical sensors, 
-Digital temperature sensors, -proximity sensors, etc.

3D Sensing

ams OSRAM's 3D sensing system is capable of detecting even the smallest irregularities and performing measurements with extremely high accuracy. It is currently being used in face recognition systems implemented in smartphones.

In addition to light sources, we can also provide 3D sensing modules that use VCSELs (lasers) and projection optics.

CMOS image sensor

ams OSRAM's CMOS image sensors with high-speed on-chip ADCs and digital interfaces can be used in a wide range of applications such as machine vision, medical equipment, broadcast equipment, and photography. We also provide small camera modules such as endoscopes.

At ams OSRAM, everything from development, design, prototyping to mass production is done in-house to ensure high quality and high efficiency product development.


ams OSRAM's LEDs are available in a wide range of colors, sizes, and power classes, and can be used in a variety of applications including automotive, industrial, and consumer electronics.

Examples of applications
Automotive headlights, general lighting, LiDAR units, UVC sterilization units, etc.

Visible Light LED

White color and RGB color products are available, and the lineup is subdivided by brightness and color.
Wide range of products including indicator, general lighting fixtures, and high brightness products suitable for video wall, etc.

Infrared LED

Lineup of infrared LEDs by output for automotive, industrial, consumer, lighting and backlight applications


LiDAR is a sensing technology that uses a light source and receiver to perform remote object detection and ranging, and is used in automated driving and unmanned drones.

A light pulse is emitted from the light source, and the receiver detects the reflected light pulse after it hits an object. The distance is measured by measuring the time difference between the two.
ams provides the light source and receiver units.


ams OSRAM has a lineup of VCSEL arrays in terms of output density, conversion efficiency, and pitch that can be used in a variety of fields.
VCSEL manufacturing technology allows for greater layout design flexibility in terms of number of pixels, size, and pitch.

With 20 years of experience in the automotive industry (including ISO 26262) and ams OSRAM's strength in developing optical device components, we are able to develop highly functional products.

Position sensor

ams OSRAM offers a wide range of high performance position sensors suitable for industrial, medical, automotive and consumer applications.

ams OSRAM's patented technology eliminates the need for shielding and provides all position sensors with inherent immunity to external stray magnetic fields, resulting in high quality and low cost. This makes it possible to use them in applications where strict safety regulations apply.

Inductive Position Sensor

Inductive Position Sensor is a magnetic force sensor for high precision motor control. Based on inductive sensor technology, it measures the coupling between an excitation coil (TX) and two receiver coils (RX) via a rotating target.

Offering high accuracy and low overall system cost, it serves as an alternative to resolvers and can be used for both in- and off-axis applications.

Supplier overview

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